Called to action by the sudden and unfolding crisis in Afghanistan, we are responding to the urgent need to assist the most at-risk vulnerable Afghan citizens with immediate movement to safer locations and evacuation from the country. As our capacity permits, we may also respond to requests for protection and safe haven, and advise on refugee and asylum referral processes.

The situation is extremely fluid, and we can make no promises about what can be done for how many, when, where, or how. We are in close contact with a large network of formal and informal actors working on the crisis and are constantly monitoring the situation on the ground in real time. Informed by our field experience and based on our assessment of the political, security, and logistical conditions, we will make the best decisions we can intended to maximize rescue efforts and minimize risk.

We are also engaging in advocacy at the highest levels of the U.S. Administration, Congress, and private sector as well as the international community for policies that will allow the greatest number of at-risk vulnerable people to be evacuated safely from Afghanistan.

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